About Us

Hello and Welcome to our page!

My name is Camellia Wong, Director and Co-founder of InPsychful LLP. I have more than 10 years of experience working with adolescents and adults across various settings (e.g., teambuilding, leadership, conflict resolution workshops) overseas and locally.  I was also a Forensic Psychologist with a government  agency for approximately two years.

With a passion for people, I left the civil service because I believe that I can do more for our community at the micro level. Our dream is to minimise the stigma associated with mental health in Singapore and Asia, and to promote a holistic and well-balanced lifestyle in the hectic life of Singaporeans.

While we offer psychological services, leadership, and mental health programmes, the core of our work is with people. Our company is process oriented rather than results driven, simply because it takes time to learn about ourselves and those around us.

As a psychologist leading the team, I take confidentiality very seriously and value your trust in us. Our team of counsellors, facilitators, and coaches have many years of experience in their respective field and are passionate about their work with children, youth, and adults. Together, we aspire to provide the mental health services to individuals of all ages, so that they are able to function to the best of their abilities.

Camellia Wong