Psychological Service

We provide psychological assessments and individual therapy for youth and adults. Our psychologists and counsellors specialise in working with at-risk youth, individuals who experienced challenges in managing stress, anger, relationships, intimate partner violence, crisis management, depression, anxiety, violence, and sexual identity concerns.

Our team provides both online and in-person individual therapy sessions for our clients, with hopes to reach out to more people and help where we can. Your well-being and confidentiality is of utmost importance, and we take measures to ensure that your data is protected.

Youth Leadership Training

Our lead facilitator has more than 10 years of experience impacting youth from various background (academic leaders, school leaders, team leaders etc.). Our leadership training philosophy believes in service leadership, and our methodology utilises evidence-based practices to develop our students mental and emotional resilience, in addition to key leadership skills such as rapport building, motivation, communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, and planning skills.

At InPsychful, we are keen on creating awareness at both the individual and team level as we journey with our student leaders. We also believe that in this stressful era of our young talents, teaching our young ones the importance of a healthy and well-balanced mental, physical, and emotional state helps them be better leaders.

Emotion Management Programmes

Oh S.N.A.P!

Oh S.N.A.P! Series is an evidence-based emotion management programme for all ages. This one day programme aims to create individual and team awareness of how they function while under stress, nervousness, and anger, yet still able to perform while experiencing these emotions.

Oh S.N.A.P! Kids  (includes interaction time with parents after the session)
Oh S.N.A.P! Teens  (includes interaction time with parents after the session)
Oh S.N.A.P!  Adults


Relax, Refocus, Re-Energise with the™ Programmes

While there is a lot of focus on emotion management for children and teenagers, InPsychful believes that adults too can benefit from a holistic and well-balanced lifestyle. With that in mind, we created a one day relaxation programme for parents, couples, adults, and corporate teams. This programme equips our clients with essential skills to relax, refocus, and re-energise themselves in their daily lives!

R³ for Parents
R ³ for Couples
R ³ for T.E.A.Ms

Mental Resilience Coaching

Mental Resilience coaching are designed to develop individual's mental resilience using techniques which top sports and business people have used for years to their advantage. The coaching uses proven techniques so that you can handle all that work and life throws at you.

Use these powerful techniques to your advantage!