Our Story


Our Story

A few things we suspect about you…

You don’t know if you need a counselor, psychologist, or a coach – but you know you’re ready for change and regaining control of your life.

You have a lot figured out. You’re educated, successful and used to bettering yourself. But you’re at the stage where things don’t feel quite right. It could be creeping anxiety, a challenging relationship, or simply, you’re feeling a little lost and lacking motivation. You want to better yourself with a professional who gets what you’re going through with no judgement.

A few things about us…

People often talk about labels like depression and anxiety, but don’t look at what CAUSED that stress, depression and anxiety – things like: workload, relationship dynamics, responsibilities, external pressures, self-esteem, overall life situation and many other possibilities.

We seek to reframe the way people perceive personal challenges and mental health issues. But most importantly, we want to address the crux of the matter to help you regain control of your life.

We create a safe and confidential space for you to learn deep lessons, discover your strengths, regain control, and create a better life.

Resilience is our favorite word

Resilience isn’t just the ability to get through difficult times. It HOW we emotionally and mentally handle challenges, pressure, rejection and labels.

The best way to explain it is through a story…

Our founder Camellia Wong understands first-hand the pressure that comes with a label. She was placed in EM3 in primary school and Normal Academic in secondary school.

If you’re familiar with the Singapore education system, you know these groups are for students who do poorly on their early exams. Once you’re in them, it feels impossible to remove the stigma of being a “bad student going nowhere in life”.

It took an incredible amount of resilience to rise against social and cultural judgement and pursue master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. Today, she uses that same tenacity to grow InPsychful into one of the most reputed mental health platforms in Singapore, helping others see they are more than their challenges.

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