Our Team


Our Team

Camellia Wong

As a Co-Founder of InPsychful, Camellia helps people regain control of their life as they go through personal struggles, feeling lost, overwhelmed, and out of control. Camellia has journeyed with more than 100 clients in therapy, forensic psychological assessment, as well as through emotional management and resilience programmes and training.

Through her contribution to the company, InPsychful has won numerous recognitions (Global Top 50 Mental Health Leaders, 13 Best Psychologist Best Practice, Singapore), and was featured on Channel News Asia, Yahoo! News, as well as a parenting and family oriented mobile application, Family 5.


Well-versed in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, Facilitation, and Programme Development utilising evidence-based methodologies.


Water activities and sand!


Gaming on the Playstation and Nintendo Switch, taking care of my dogs

Areas of Interest in Psychology

I have a keen interest in intimate partner violence, bullying, sexual identity issues, panic disorder, phase of life issues, and emotional resilience. These are topics that I have spoken about either on webinars or through invitation as a panelist.


Sumo is our very own emotional therapy dog! He is a small 2.5kg furball that loves being with clients, comforting them on his own accord. A little fun fact about Sumo, he is a deaf dog and relies on gestures to get his attention and understand certain commands like “sit”, “come carry”, and of course his favourite of all, meal time!


Ultimate cuteness


Water…which also means shower time



What he likes

Leaves. He loves to pick them up on walks. Sumo also loves hanging out at dog cafes!

Our Emotional Fitness Facilitators

Our team of carefully selected Emotional Fitness Facilitators (EFF) are individuals who are passionate about the mental and emotional well-being of others. Each of them brings something special to the table, and that’s what makes our team strong in the delivery of programmes.

At InPsychful, we believe that no man is an island, and Together, Everyone Achieves More.

Keen to be part of our team? Drop us an email to express your interest, and we will keep you posted on our next Facilitator training.

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