Work with at-risk youth with our “Youth-Work Facilitator” program.

We give you the skills you need to work with vulnerable youth


Learn to facilitate youth at-risk programmes


Boost your qualifications and capability in the youth sector


Discover the benefits of “social and emotional learning”


Understand experience-based learning techniques


Develop facilitation skills and manage group dynamics

At the end of the program there’s an opportunity to join as one of our facilitators. Selected individuals must register with MOE as freelance facilitators under InPsychful LLP.

What’s covered

The youth-work facilitation program bridges social emotional learning, social services, career opportunities and hands-on facilitation skills so you graduate the program will the knowledge and abilities you need to run youth programs.


  • 2 full day training with industry practitioners
  • 1 x Facilitator Starter Kit

At a price of

The agenda


Applying Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to at risk youth. Social emotional learning is about managing emotions and friendships while developing resilience and life skills. In this program you will learn the social and emotional learning method and how it applies to youth work.


Awareness of Social Services and youth work in Singapore, including areas of social services with emphasis on youth work and potential career opportunities.


Using props-based debrief and teachable moments in youth work, including experiential based learning, teaching participants basic debriefing skills utilising props and identifying teachable moments in youth work.


Facilitation skills. Specifically, fundamental skills for group facilitation and understanding group dynamics.


Group work and the impact of group dynamics. You’ll learn to harness group dynamics and how to handle difficult situations such as conflict within the group or towards the facilitator.


Real-life scenarios and role-plays. To maximise your learning experience, you’ll apply the skills covered in the workshop, immediately. You will be given specific roles and the opportunity to role-play as a facilitator, building your confidence and practice.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have the training you need to facilitate at-risk youth.

Get certified today as a facilitator.