Overbaked! Card Game

Overbaked! Card Game

Asia's first emotional resilience card game

Overbaked! is a funny yet tricky game to play, enticing with its shiny candies on the outside, but with an efficacy of providing lessons of self-awareness within. It’s a card game that can make you laugh, cry, frustrated or happy as you journey through Ginja’s trials and tribulations.

Play Overbaked! to...

It’s fun!! There are interesting elements. I personally liked the red deck...HAHA very unpredictable :’)

I like the game! It taught me about dealing with tough situations and how to overcome my emotions.

It introduces us to a new game that has a lot of potential in helping me manage my emotions. I had fun!

Through the game, we learnt to co-operate with each other and control our emotions better.

I like the part where we played Overbaked. It was a fun and unique game.

I liked the Overbaked! game we played as it teaches us life lessons.

The Overbaked! game taught me how to overcome my emotions.

Overbaked! is a game that entertains, brings people together, and makes the world a better place through self-awareness and emotional insight.

Created by qualified psychologists using evidence-based methods, Overbaked! is designed to teach players on how they respond emotionally to challenging situations by showing people that talking about emotions can actually be fun, engaging and incredibly empowering.

Using a series of emotions, interesting characters, and trail cards, players reveal their inner world and emotions with each round, going on an emotional whirlwind to reach Candy Land before everyone else.

At work or school, play Overbaked! to increase empathy for one another in stressful situations by identifying the internal struggles we face on a day-to-day basis. The goal is to make sure team members or students can handle the ups and downs of life on their own and succeed.

Overbaked! is also light-hearted enough for family gatherings and parties, and is suitable for all ages and played at varying difficulty levels so it’s stimulating for everyone.


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