Create new habits.

Your psychology, ability to adapt, and remain focused under pressure is your greatest asset.

We believe that to get the best out of life – to excel in exams, embrace leadership and perform at your best – you need to identify the emotional triggers and unconscious behaviours that hold you back.

It’s no secret that Singapore is a high pressure, high-stress society. Executives experience overwhelm and burn out. Students suffer from nerves and anxiety. It’s common for people to freeze or buckle under pressure, spending more time worrying than in a peak mental state that helps them think clearly and calmly and get the job done.

What many people don’t realise is that “getting into the zone” isn’t based on luck or a fleeting feeling, it’s a mental and emotional arousal state, different for every individual.

That means it's possible for you to learn how to get into the zone when and where you need to, on command.

We help you understand how you respond to your emotions, be it excitement, stress, fear or nerves, so you can tap into your optimal state and master any situation.

We call it finding your “Magic Number”.

It’s what we teach in our Pause programme.

Pause is a 4-8 week programme that gives you support, guidance and proven psychological skills to make lasting changes to your habits and mindset – so you can start seeing immediate results.

The programme is open to corporates, schools and via our public programme for Primary 4 to JC.

Our Evidence-based Approach

  • emotional-management

    Pause helps you identify your inner thoughts, feelings, and behaviours so you can be aware of your deepest psychological influences, challenges and strengths – and how to cultivate the mindset that help you perform at your best.

    For example, how do you handle public speaking or exams? Once you’re able to monitor your emotional reactions, you’ll be able to put easy coping mechanisms into place.

  • monitored-performance

    We help you find and achieve your peak mental state, not through generic tips and techniques, but by monitoring your personal habits and performance.

    By tracking your performance you’ll discover your optimal psychological arousal point, your magic number, that will change the way you respond to stress and embrace challenges.

  • relaxation-techniques

    We go beyond superficial stress management to help you learn and apply practical relaxation techniques that can help you in any situation.

    Once you learn these techniques, you’ll be able to keep performance anxiety at bay and transform your relationship with fear and worry.

By combining emotional management, performance monitoring, and relaxation techniques, we lay the foundation to create new, lasting habits that improve all areas of your life and work.

The Pause App for Continued Support

Our programme is supported with a dedicated app that helps you monitor your performance, change your habits, and understand performance anxiety and behavioural management.

We use the app alongside therapy and training for continuous learning and support. Talk to us about using the app as an ongoing educational and accountability tool for your company or school.


Become a Certified Pause Coach

Fall in love with the programme and become a Certified Pause Coach.

We offer a training programme for educators, corporate staff and aspiring coaches to gain a deeper insight into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, performance monitoring, and relaxation. With the Pause Coach Certification, you can work directly with clients, run Pause programmes or hold your teammates and students accountable with long-term support and coaching. Certification includes training and use of our Pause app.


Want to run a Pause Programme?