Therapy + Assessments


Therapy + Assessments

Therapy is all about YOU and working on the challenges you currently face. The first step is simply to reach out. From there, we’ll build a relationship.

As we get older, we hit different phases of our life that feel beyond our control. Maybe you feel unable to cope, or you’re having difficulty adjusting to a new environment. Maybe you’re restless and don’t know what to do with your life, or you want to leave toxic relationships and start building healthy ones.

You may be feeling really alone right now and trapped in a space you can’t get out of and you’re afraid to reach out.

YOUR SECRET IS SAFE WITH US. You don’t have to suffer alone.

Our psychologist promises a discreet, confidential and emotionally safe environment to work through your issues.

We journey together with you to come out clearer, stronger and able to move forward.

Cam has been of great help to my son. When he first came to see her, he was so anxious about his exams that he was reluctant to go to school. Now, he is able to attend school and focus well on his papers.

My daughter struggled with school and felt so much pressure that she couldn’t sleep or eat well. Camellia helped her work through her panic attacks, and eventually she was able to manage her anxiety and the panic attacks has stopped. I’m really thankful for her help.

Sessions with Cam helped me to gain clarity in how to handle things at work and set better boundaries. I’m really at a happy place in my life now.

I remember feeling lost about the relationship and it was affecting my daily life. I’m glad that I reached out and went through all those sessions.

My child was facing a lot to self-doubt and anxiety as the 'O' levels drew nearer. I was really happy that even though we sought help so near to the 'O' levels, Camellia managed to teach him skills to cope with his anxiety and he was able to go through the exams. Thanks so much!

What you can expect…

Our psychologist will journey along with you through your mental health wellness. Share how your current challenges are affecting your life. Together, we can help you find your way forward.

Some of the things we help with:

Relationship Issues

Struggling with relationship matters? We have extensive experience working on relationship conflicts, whether it’s with a partner, family member, or intimate partner violence.

LGBT & Sexual Identity Issues

Uncovering one’s sexual identity can be confusing and challenging. Our psychologist is here to journey with individuals who face challenges coming out and dealing with their sexual identity or relationships.

Stress & Anxiety

Tackle self-defeating thoughts and build confidence with proven techniques. We have helped individuals in areas such as academic, and professional burnout, social anxiety, and those who experience panic attacks.

Psychological Assessments

If you’re struggling to identify what you or a loved one is going through, or you’ve been asked to have an assessment for work, we offer psychological assessments with a detailed report to identify the problem and how to move forward.

Behavioural Problems in Children & Teens

When children or teenagers are challenging to handle, their behaviours can affect many areas of their life. Some may experience a lack of friends, poor academic results, family stress and many other issues. We are here to equip professionals and parents with the proper skill set to manage the child or students’ behaviour better to excel in life, create harmony at home or in school, and develop strong and healthy social relationships.

Building Resilience

Resilience may be the new buzzword of the current century; however, many people do not know how to build resilience in themselves or their children, students, or teams. Learning to be resilient isn’t simply “throwing one into the deep sea” and letting them ”figure it out”. The truth is, if one doesn’t know where to start, they will drown! That’s why we journey with you step by step on how to build a more resilient community in your space, wherever you are.

We provide both online and face-to-face therapy.

Regain control and create a better life today