Helping you put emotional wellness into practice.

Life in Singapore can be hectic and full of day-to-day pressure – from work to finances, relocation, responsibilities and relationships.

And while you may have heard of “lifestyle balance” and emotional wellness, you might not know HOW to put it into practice.

These workshops designed to work on a few key areas, so you can apply stress reduction, emotional management and mental health techniques immediately.

Alternatively, if you just want to learn more about human psychology or support your child in their development and coping ability, the workshops are a good place to start and build your understanding.

What’s different about our workshops

There are hundreds of emotional techniques available, but what many don’t realise is that there’s SPECIFIC techniques to use under different circumstances. For example, there’s an exercise to calm nerves before a big event and another for the moment you go on stage for a presentation. There are also specific techniques to help students to revise or prepare the night before a big exam.

Managing nerves, stress and emotion can be the difference between fulfilling potential and underperforming. It’s the difference between feeling overwhelmed and feeling at peace and in control.

These workshops help you understand what causes stress and empowers you with effective, easy-to-use techniques to manage emotions, relax and even study for exams.

Join us at one of our workshops

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    Oh S.N.A.P!™

    This full day program expands on the 90 minute Exam Stress for youth workshop. It teaches children and young adults life-long skills, including how to handle and process emotions.

    Known as the Oh S.N.A.P!™ series, the programme builds both individual and team awareness of how students function while under Stress, Nervousness, and Anger, while giving them the skills to Perform while experiencing these emotions.

    It includes an actionable worksheet for students to monitor and process their emotions before exams and big events. It helps students to identify and rate their emotions so they can reflect on their performance, results and any areas to work on as an easy-to-use tracking tool.


    Oh S.N.A.P! Kids™  (includes interaction time with parents after the session)
    Oh S.N.A.P! Teens™  (includes interaction time with parents after the session)
    Oh S.N.A.P!  Adults

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    Relax, Refocus, Re-Energise – The R³ Programme

    While there is a lot of focus on emotion management for children and teenagers, we believe adults can benefit from a holistic and well-balanced lifestyle too.

    Parents tend to put everyone else first and neglect their own self-care. This is a space to refocus and recalibrate so you can gain energy to push on.

    It’s a full day relaxation programme for couples, adults, corporate teams as well as parents to equip you with essential skills to relax, refocus, and re-energise your daily life.

    It’s the perfect opportunity to take time out of your busy schedule to reflect on who you are, where you want to be in your life, and what you want to achieve. You’ll leave the workshop with an action plan on what you need to do next, breaking any patterns so you can move forward.

    The series includes:

    R³ for Parents
    R ³ for Couples
    R ³ for T.E.A.Ms


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