Workshops For Teams & Corporates


Workshops For Teams & Corporates

Corporate Programes For Emotional Fitness

When you take care of your staff, they take care of everything else.

Perhaps you’ve noticed some of your employees are stressed or struggling.

Covid has impacted company morale and you need to do something to shift mindsets and lift people’s spirits.

As you know all too well, when employees are experiencing change or feeling disengaged, performance plummets and staff turn-over increases.

You want to attract and retain talent, create a supportive work environment, and look after your staff’s mental health.

During these turbulent times we need to go the extra mile to safeguard our employees​

Our signature Emotional Fitness Program empowers your staff to thrive in the face of ambiguity.

More than an “informative session”, our Emotional Fitness program is designed to make a difference in your employees’ personal and professional lives by giving them the tools to handle stress, manage emotions, process change, and be their best self.

Emotional Resilience for Teams and Individuals

Choose from a 2-hour or 2-day high-impact emotional program where we cover evidence-based emotional management and resilience techniques that enable your staff to thrive during life’s challenges. If you are looking for Facilitation Training programmes, we offer bespoke facilitator training. Please contact us for more details.
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Our Stronger Team & Stronger Me programmes can prepare your team and colleagues with the tools and techniques needed to keep up.

Your fellow colleagues and team will be better equipped to maintain high performance and reduce stress levels in an emotionally demanding world. Our programmes cover the following skills:

Let’s build a stronger and more resilient organisation together. Contact us for more details.

Support your employees with our Emotional Fitness programmes