Workshops For Schools & General Public


Workshops For Schools & General Public

Helping students excel in school and life through evidence-based workshops + programmes

We offer experiential student programmes that empower teachers and young people with the skills, knowledge and motivation to build resilience, manage stress, and develop a healthy emotional life geared for success.

Our evidence-based methods are proven to improve behaviour, academic engagement, and life skills like emotional management and mental resilience.

We believe...

Every student, no matter how troubled or disruptive, can learn to master their behaviour and emotions.

And that in Singapore’s competitive environment, we need to support students with the tools to process overwhelm and handle the ups and downs of life.

Forming healthy habits at a young age changes lives

Mental health awareness is missing from student education. We teach students to perform, but overlook their emotional reality and ability to cope under pressure long-term. In Singapore, this has resulted in a rise in anxiety, depression and suicide rates.

Our mission is to help youths build the resilience to handle life’s challenges – in a way that’s fun, engaging and incredibly empowering.

Workshops + Programs

Our workshops and programs incorporate games, storytelling, role-playing and age-appropriate activities for a learning experience that creates lasting results. We provide you with exact steps and guidance to support your students and witness their transformation.

Behavior Management

Our BEM program makes teachers’ lives easier by providing proven methods for dealing with behavioural issues.

We know it can be a struggle to know HOW to deal with troubled students. You don’t want them to fall further behind, but at the same time, it feels impossible to continue teaching in the same way.

Taking a timeout from the traditional classroom setting and attending a short program designed to address their issues can make a world of difference.

A program that gets to the root issue

Stress and emotions can be challenging for youth to understand and process, leading to behaviours that may be disruptive in the classroom. We assist you and the child in learning how to identify their triggers, manage their emotions and change their unhelpful behaviours.

Emotional Fitness

Helping youths deal with strong emotions can mean the difference between a student feeling utterly overwhelmed and calm, focused and ready to perform.

We help students identify their emotional triggers so they can deal with feelings of negativity when faced with life’s challenges.

Our Emotional Fitness program helps students:

The program includes an emotional profiling tool and assessment that identifies strengths, weaknesses and strategies for support for continued growth after the program.

Our Emotional Fitness program is designed to guide your students on stress reduction, emotional management and relaxation techniques they can use in their everyday lives.

Based on a hands-on, interactive learning experience, the program incorporates our psychology-backed card game to take students on a journey of emotional self-discovery, helping them to really know and value who they are.

We leverage different age-appropriate activities to enable students to understand how they respond to challenges and gain a deeper understanding of how they relate to other people.

Emotional Fitness creates a life-long foundation for emotional and mental resilience by teaching the fundamentals of emotional management and habits for success.

Help your student or child manage their emotions better